it’s too hard to ignore the signs

Yuhuuuuu, yippe yahoooooo!

How can you ignore the signs when the thing give you some signs?

Sign, is an important thing. Everything needs signs.


How can you know your chicken has been cooked well? The oven says “tiiiiiiiing”. How’d you know the rain would come? Cloud. Dark cloud in the sky. The bird flying amok back to their nest. Even the pilot needs some signs from landing officer to get their cooper land.

By the way, landing is the most difficult part after you fly or flying something. 😀

Because, when you’re on the  air, and there’s no sign on the ground, you don’t know whether it’s safe or not.

It’s called “go around” :p or in more severe condition, it’s called wafe-off.
Intine kowe gagal mendarat, mung muter-muter wae.

But read some another signal, needs time. A lot of time.

Time, it’s the best part in the whole life. However, time will also go waste if not spent wisely. Don’t waste your time on something which doesn’t care about the signal its emit. There are better things out there.
Get out, go out, and explore the world around. Wasted time will never come back.
If any of you took the time to read all the signs, I hope it helped you find out what kind of sign were that, and if you find nothing, you’re wasting your time.

So, why don’t we go?

Because it’s to hard to ignore the signs.

Just like a traffic light.
Oops, the signal turns red. Don’t ignore it.
Jajajaja, don’t go till its turn green. 😀


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